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Profile and Education;

Oytun Berktan was born in Istanbul in 1980. He completed his bachelor's and master's degree in interior design at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University. At the same time, He studied opera and singing for 6 years at the Istanbul State Conservatory. He continued his education in

the Netherlands with sculpture and installation arts. Although he has been working in the architectural field for 20 years, he has been continuing his activities as the founder of

Oytun Berktan Architecture for 17 years.

Berktan always states that architecture and interior design must be supported by art at all means. He also still performs his personal art exhibitions. He emphasizes the principle of timelessness in his designs and enriching them with natural materials. He believes that listening to the whispers of the spaces and the wishes of the investers is the first step towards the right design. He constantly joins various seminars at universities and focusing on the concept issues in design and pointed out that the concept is the guide, the handbook of the design process. He continues his services in a wide range from modern architecture, historical buildings, restoration & interior design and furniture design under the roof of Oytun Berktan Atelier


"Family" is the keyword to describe out team...

Oytun Berktan;

He is the founder of "Oytun Berktan Interiors".

Interior designer, professional classical singer, and multi disciplinary artist..

"I am not an architect,  I like creating spaces,

I am not a singer, I like playing with notes and my voice,

I am not an artist, I like playing with materials and colours...

I love playing with all my toys!"






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