Oytun Berktan & 

the Team

"Family" is the keyword to describe out team...

Oytun Berktan;

He is the founder of "Oytun Berktan Interiors".

Interior designer, professional classical singer, and multi disciplinary artist..


"I am not an architect,  I like creating spaces,

I am not a singer, I like playing with notes and my voice,

I am not an artist, I like playing with materials and colours...

These are all my toys that I love playing with them all the time!"

Julide Zeynep Günce;

Head of our interior design team and bigger sister to all of us!

Queen of 3D realistic rendering and furniture design adjustment...

Founder of "kaatdesignstudio" where we design and share our "papier mache" artworks, objects and unique lighting designs.

Seray Asker;

Our Spain ambassador! She is a multi disciplinary artist as well as an interior designer!

She is focused on artisanal ceramic art. Collaborating in many projects internationally...